Hiking and Sightseeing tours to Argentina

Home of some of the greatest natural marvels on the planet

One of the largest countries in South America, Argentina is a nation filled with history, heritage and culture

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What Tours Do We Offer?

Buenos Aires 6-Day Tour with Tigre Delta and Colonia, Uruguay

This 6-day tour is designed for first-time visitors who want to enjoy the best of Buenos Aires and its surrounds in a short amount of time.

4-Day Trip in Mendoza and The Andes

The “Edén de los Andes”, Mendoza city and its beautiful surrounding mountains. Contemplate the majesty of Aconcagua Mountain at almost 7000 meters high, making it the highest peak in America. Marvel at the ingenious irrigation system established by Captain Don Pedro del Castillo who founded the city in 1561.

6-Day Trip: Main View Points Los Glaciares National Park

This amazing trek is specially made for intermediate hikers to get you to see the most amazing corners of Los Glaciares National Park. With all the main points covered, you will get off the trail to the amazing views of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field.

Best Places to visit in Argentina

San Martin de los Andes

Lying on the edge of Lake Lacar and hidden away amidst mountains, San Martin de los Andes is a quiet, laid-back place for most of the year but heaves with visitors in the summer and winter months. Its relaxing chalets with their uniform appearance add to the picturesque scene and is in part what makes it such a popular destination.

La Plata

Due to its proximity to Buenos Aires, La Plata risks being engulfed by its neighbour but is a nice day trip for people looking to get away from the capital.


Lying at the spot where the Neuquen and Limay rivers join, this city acts as the capital to the region and as such has a few good museums which are worth checking out as well as some great restaurants.

Best Beaches in Argentina


Just south of Mar del Plata, Miramar is a good option for a more casual, affordable and relaxing family holiday. Prices are reasonable, the area is beautiful, and the beaches are usually calm, which is great for small children. It’s also a popular cycling destination with a series of scenic trails running parallel to the beach.

Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is a quaint city within Argentina’s Chubut province in Patagonia, originally settled in the late 19th century by Welsh immigrants. The city is located along the Atlantic Ocean gulf Golfo Nuevo, which is known for its abundant marine life and serves as a gateway to the nearby Valdés Peninsula.

Villa Gesell

Villa Gesell is a charming seaside village in Argentina’s Buenos Aires Province, originally founded in 1931 by Carlos Idaho Gesell, who began operating timeshares and tourist attractions in the area following the purchase of land for foresting industry work.

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Most travellers are attracted to Argentina by a combination of culture, cuisine and countryside. They don’t leave disappointed. Argentina is massive. It’s the 8th largest country in the world, and the largest Spanish speaking country by landmass.

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